Made for Franchises

The only social media planner and scheduler made for managing franchise and multi-location businesses

What Makes us Different

Are you managing 100s of social media channels for a franchise or multi-location business? We created Brightfully for you.

Manage More Channels in Less Time

Other Media Schedulers
Built for posting on 100s of similar channels
Designed for posting on up to 50 channels
Meaningfully organize & relabel all your channels
Meaningfully organize & relabel all your channels
Automatically post localized content
Mass-schedule identical content on all platforms
Build a brand library to allow franchisees to easily post their own content
No similar functionality
Rich libraries to save media, content, hashtags, links & more!
“Classic” media & content library
Plan, approve, and schedule, all in the same platform!
Plan & approve in other platform, then move content to scheduler
Specific user roles for corporate, agency, and franchisees
Basic user roles, not suitable for franchising
& so much more

Keep Your Sanity

Do the channels you manage look like this?
…or like this?
With Brightfully, they look like this

Maintain Brand Consistency

With our unique brand library, you can upload dozens of pre-made, on-brand posts that your franchisees can easily schedule (and further edit, if they wish to).

brand Consistency

Schedule Localized Posts

Managing 100s of social media channels is tedious and time consuming. To do it right, each location should post personalized content, not simply share exactly what Corporate is doing.

Withoutbrigfully logo
Withbrigfully logo


Up to 30 franchise locations
1 set of social channels per location icons: FB IG TW LI (Thats up to 120 social channels total!)
35 social channels (Enough for managing 8 locations)
25 social channels (Enough for managing 6 locations)
5 HQ-level user accounts
5 user accounts
6 user accounts
Individual user accounts for each franchise
Mass-schedule content across channels
Weekly and monthly planners
Unlimited planners
Unlimited number of posts scheduled
Brand library
Rich libraries for media, link, hashtags
Evergreen content you can repost later
Franchisee can also schedule their own posts
Manage approvals with user roles
Manage approvals with user roles

About Brightfully

At Brightfully, we’ve been managing social media for franchise networks since 2014. As an agency, we used industry standard tools like Hootsuite, which where great for managing various companies’ channels. But as we started working with more and more franchise clients, the process became more and more difficult.

In 2020, we tripled our number of social media clients and that made the challenges exponential. It was time to upgrade our tools - but nothing that already existed on the market fit our needs.

So we decided to build our own platform.

First, we thought we would just use it for managing our own clients. But it turned out so good and so useful, that we’re certain that other franchise networks and the agencies that manage them would benefit from it.

We think you’ll love how user-friendly and timesaving Brightfully is. Just book a demo and see for yourself! Also, it doesn’t hurt that our prices make it really easy switch over from your old, clunky schedulers.